First All-Virtual Parsons & Friends CTF

by Nicholas Jackson

On March 20th, 2020, COVID-19 led us to host the first all-virtual (and open to the world) Parsons & Friends CTF! We had a 3 hour event covering Networking, TicTacWhat?, Reversing?, Crytptography, Coding, and Tigers, where folks chatted us up in Discord while working through the CTF challenges. Since we didn't get to hang out in person, folks made do with their own dinners (although many folks ordered pizza in memory of our usual CTF dinner choice). We also had the benefit of folks being able to compete from wherever they wanted (usually in / around their home). The day was an abnormally warm day for March (in the 70s) so I chose to host from my backyard at my picnic table, making it one of my favorite CTFs ever because of the excellent location!

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